Pam Slim TedxPhoenix: Pain, Strength & Power

I’m so grateful to be a featured in a talk made by Pam Slim at TedxPhoenix, a self-organized local offshoot of the global Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED) Conference. I am truly humbled Pam has shared a part of my story, especially to be included with other wonderful, talented and passionate souls.

You can read the full story and the amazing work Pam does at Escape From Cubicle Nation:

Pam believes the key to economic and social recovery is in our youth. Instead of talking about the apathy of the new generation, we need to clear the way and support them to do their thing. As we allow the free minds of our younger generation to escape the traditional corporate world, economic recovery will follow. As Pam learned from Amanda Wang, our greatest pain can be our greatest source of power. There is hope.

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