Video: Why I Fight

It was a great honor to speak in the same breath as Drs. John Oldham, Bruce Cuthbert, Barbara Stanley and Herb Pardes during NEABPD’s Meet & Greet in October. I’m so thankful to NEABPD for giving me the chance to share my voice and experience in order to help others.

In preparation for the talk, NEABPD specifically asked me to talk about my personal journey with boxing. I began to question and compare my own story of a blue-collar sport with the great minds who would speak that same night. BPD is a disorder filled with serious debates and discussions in science, research and treatment — but I only knew the sweet science of boxing. I certainly understood for myself how boxing has contributed to my mental, emotional and physical well-being… but would it connect with others? Would I make sense?

I wrestled through those doubts and from that struggle a message slowly evolved. I began to listen to my heart and speak from a place I have not touched on before. Sure, it wasn’t the best presentation I have ever given but for me, it is the most personal. So thank you for watching this video and listening to my story that night. The act of preparing and writing a speech, sharing it, and then talking to those who have listened is such a great reward (and very validating).

My talk follows Barbara Stanley’s wonderful presentation around the 28 minute mark:

Will post the transcript shortly!

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