Voices of Recovery

In my other life away from the ring I’ve been keeping busy working on videos on mental health. It’s a passion I want to share with you, illustrated in this video I produced with the National Alliance for Mentally Ill (NAMI) — just launched on their website today.

We interviewed four leaders in the African American community at NAMI about mental illness and recovery. It’s an honest, open look at what it’s like to live, work or have a family member with mental health issues. I hope this video displays their courage, passion and love they bring to those like me, pursuing recovery. I find an incredible amount of hope listening to their stories.

Special thanks goes out to the interviewees: Anita Fisher, Clarence Jordan, Keris Myrick, Joe Powell & James Williams. Special shout out to Marin Sweesey and Majose Currasco at NAMI for their feedback, facilitation and direction. Produced, shot and edited by Amanda Wang. Soundtrack licensed through withetiquette.

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